Lavender Beeswax

150 SEK

Wax is a chemical free way to make fabric water resistant – that's why we use waxed cotton in many of our garments. Over time the wax washes out of the fabric and its water resistance becomes reduced. Therefore, after 5–6 washes it can be time to restrengthen the impregnation. This handmade beeswax protects against water, increases durability and extends the life of the garment. 

  • 100 g
  • Enriched with lavender for the scent
  • Handmade in Sweden


    Beeswax, paraffin and lavender


    Warm the wax block a little using a hairdryer. Rub the wax block in long strokes against the fabric. This will leave behind a thin layer of wax on the fabric. Make sure you have covered all of the fabric well. Then heat the waxed fabric with an iron on low/moderate heat (without steam) or use a hairdryer. The heat makes the wax melt and bond with the textile underneath. If you like an even more resistant finish, repeat the process using a thin layer of wax each time. 

    Small-scale production

    We wrap
    by hand

    Sustainable choice

    Worldwide shipping