This is Lilldal 2:10

  • We are a premium brand of functional clothes and accessories for garden and crafts. 
  • Lilldal 2:10 is practical, stylish and sustainable. 
  • Designed in Sweden and produced small-scale in Europe with carefully selected natural materials.
  • Practical functions, a timeless look and durable materials for a long product life cycle.
  • Our goal is to exist globally anywhere the new conscious generation cultivates, enjoys nature and builds their lives in a future sustainable world. 
  • The carefully tailored garments and accessories are made with premium quality craftsmanship and of consciously selected materials such as hemp, linen, eco-cotton and natural tanned leather.

Brand History

Lilldal 2:10 was founded 2016 in the Royal garden Rosendal in Djurgården, Stockholm Sweden.

The Founders

We are not only designers but also gardeners and that gives us valuable insights in designing our products.


We choose to use only breathable yet durable natural materials that age gracefully.

Our Core Value

Our core value is sustainability and we make clear statements for the environment.

We are creators

Lust for nature and the growing eco-consciousness have contributed to the new green wave of the 2020’s.

Focus is moving out from interior to exterior – gardening is the new big trend. With a growing DIY-crowd, we have a committed target audience that creates, styles, cultivates, carpenters and invests time and effort in their lives at home. The need for clothing – to match these interests – is clear.

Sustainability is us

In 2021 we received Plaza Interior’s prize of honor for sustainability.

Since the start, the environment has been a priority. We have chosen the most environmentally friendly alternatives for production, packaging and delivery. Our products are designed with practical functions and our look is timeless. We use comfortable materials that breathe and age gracefully. The long life cycle of our products is important to us. The production is set in Lithuania and in Sweden and we use natural materials such as linen, hemp, organic cotton and naturally tanned leather. Our products are produced on an ongoing basis in small-scale to meet the demand from customers. This not only counter­acts unnecessary waste but also creates long-lasting relationships with our producers.


What do you think?

We hope that you will be as happy with our collection as we are, and if you have any feedback or ideas on things you would like to be able to buy in the future, please don’t hesitate to let us know, by sending us an email to hello@lilldal210.com – we would love to hear from you!

We are currently on the outlook for new collaborations and partners. Do you feel the same about sustainable workwear? Feel free to reach out.

Katja Halvarsson & Nina Gardö