Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue
Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue
Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue
Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue
Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue

Sweet Pea Tool Belt, Navy Blue

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This naturally tanned belt comes with two practical pockets, detachable so you can take them off when the work is done and you want to keep on the belt and the trousers. One of the pockets is smaller and perfect for a mobile phone. The larger pocket has several small compartments for your pens, seed bags and tools but also a larger space to fit your gloves. You can adjust the length; high up on the hip or a lower position on the thigh, if you wear a jacket. The pockets are made of waxed cotton to make them water resistant and borders of goat leather to make them durable. This item is available in three different colours -green, blue and black -so you can match them with your trousers. 

  • Tool pockets with several compartments 
  • Pocket for mobile phone 
  • Buttons for adjustable length 
  • Leather borders making it durable 
  • Large pocket H20 cm x W20 cm
  • Small pocket H19 cm x W11 cm
  • Waxed cotton fabric
  • Goat leather borders
  • Soft and naturally tanned leather belt
  • Handmade in Småland, Sweden

Wipe off with damp cloth. Do not machine wash. Do not bleach. Line dry, do not tumble dry. Do not dry clean.

As we are using natural materials, the waxed fabric might become a little mottled after a while. If that happens you can use an iron to even it out and add our Lavender Beeswax (sold separately) to the fabric if you want to restrengthen the impregnation effect. 


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Lavender Bees Wax
Lavender Beeswax
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